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ORPTracer & pH Sensor 1742

  • Read Total Chlorine from 0.00-9.99 ppm to 0.01 ppm resolution
  • Readings are not affected by sample color or turbidity
  • Memory saves calibration values and can store up to 15 readings
  • Chlorine and pH modes also display sample temperature
  • Waterproof design with matte finish makes opening battery compartment and changing probe tips easier
  • Automatic shut-off and Low Battery indicator provide user convenience; uses four LR-44 batteries
  • Includes 100 reagent tablets at almost half the price of similar Chlorine ISE reagents
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Ideal for almost any water analysis application. The WATERPROOF pH PockeTesters float and can be intermittently submerged to a depth of 3 feet. The WATERPROOF feature makes cleanup easy since the whole unit can be rinsed. Replacement electrodes help reduce long term costs. Not recommended for strong acids, solvents, or other harsh applications.

The world's first pocket-sized ISE meter for measuring chlorine directly in parts per million. It can also be used to test pH and ORP. Interchangeable flat surface sensor modules make this the most versatile PockeTester ever offered.

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