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AQUA-ON Q Series

  • Ultrapure water (UPW)
  • Fully automatic
  • Replaceable Quartz heater
  • Flow switch for boiler safety
  • Gate valve to prevent water wastage
  • Teflon drain cork for easy maintenance
  • Flow control safety to monitor low pressure condenser flow
  • Reservoir level sensor
  • Completely enclosed cabinet
  • Low temperature distillate
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AQUA-ON stills are manufactured either from high quality Borosilicate 3.3 Glass, incorporating a high quality double-coil condenser and boiler system, or from Semiconductor Grade Quartz for a double-coil condenser and boiler system combined with a silica glass sheathed heating element, providing a high quality pyrogen-free output with a conductivity <0.4 μS/cm.

The unique condenser design ensures that distilled water remains in contact with cooling coils for as long as possible.

A preheated boiler input also increases the efficiency of AQUA-ON units.

If cooling water falls below required levels, a flow-sensing device will turn off the still before it can overheat.

The boiling chamber also contains a temperature sensor as a fail-safe device.


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