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BlueWave™, 4 l


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BlueWave™ is a mix of food grade colourants designed to attenuate the colours for the suppression of chlorophyll and to slow down or prevent the growth of algae and cyanobacteria. This compound contains no herbicides or algaecides. BlueWave™ adds an aesthetically pleasing blue-green shade to water, and can be safely used in swimming pools and ponds.

Additional information

Available packaging size

4 l

Dosing Rate

1 l of BlueWave™ should be added to 100 m3 of water.


- The efficiency of BlueWave™ depends on water depth. With depths of less than 1 m, the colour intensity is insufficient for blocking sunlight, thus algae growth will not be completely suppressed.
- To reach maximum efficiency, the application of BlueWave™ should be started immediately after the ice melts along the shore and at shallow water sources.
- For maximum efficiency, the addition of BlueWave™ must continue through the whole season with 3-4 week intervals and after heavy rainfalls.
- BlueWave™ is applied from all sides of the water body along the perimeter of the shore line.
- In case water oxidation and clarification is planned with the application of KMPS, the addition of BlueWave™ should be done 4-5 days later.


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