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BlueWave™, 4 L


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BlueWave™ is a mix of food-grade pigments that suppresses algae growth and cyanobacteria by weakening the colours that chlorophyll depends on. It adds an aesthetically pleasing blue-green shade to water and you can safely use it in ponds and swimming pools.

This mixture contains no herbicides or algaecides.

We sell BlueWave™ in 4 litre bottles.

Additional information


4 L

Dosing Rate

1 L of BlueWave™ should be added per 100 cubic metres of water.


-The efficiency of BlueWave™ depends on the body of water's depth. If water depth is less than 1 metre, BlueWave™ will not be able to produce enough colour to block sunlight and algae will continue to grow.
-BlueWave™ should be used immediately after ice melts along the body of water's shoreline and where the water is shallow.
-For maximum efficiency, BlueWave™ should be added through the whole season in 3-4 week intervals and right after heavy rainfalls.
-BlueWave™ should be applied from all sides of the body of water along the perimeter of the shoreline.
-If you also plan to use KMPS for water oxidation and clarification, you should use BlueWave™ 4-5 days later.


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