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Copper Sulfate, 1 kg


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Copper sulfate is an algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide.

When you mix copper sulfate with calcium hydroxide, you create Bordeaux mixture.  

You can also use copper sulfate to fix copper deficiency in soil.

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1 kg

Dosing Rate

The dosing rate of copper sulfate depends on its application. Please contact us about for more information.
- Normally, a 0.5 - 1% copper sulfate mixture applied in 2 to 3 week intervals is sufficient to control copper-susceptible fungi.
- If a copper soil deficiency has been confirmed, you can correct it by applying 50 kg of copper sulfate per hectare or by using it as a fertilizer before sowing.


- Although Bordeaux mixture is effective at controlling fungal diseases, it is important to mention that copper sulfate mixtures have been found to harm fish, livestock, and earthworms due to the increase in copper.
- Copper deficiencies should be confirmed by soil analysis.
- As an herbicide, copper sulfate controls the growth of invasive water plants and tree roots around water pipes.
- Copper sulfate can also be used as an algaecide in swimming pools.


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