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Ferric Chloride, 20 L

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Osorno offers two coagulants for flocculation: ferric chloride and polyaluminum chloride.

Ferric (III) chloride is a light brown aqueous solution.  It is one of the few water treatment chemicals that can neutralize odours.

Ferric chloride promotes faster and better sedimentation in cold water, making it ideal for water treatment.

A wastewater analysis is necessary to determine the dosing rate of coagulants.

Please contact Osorno for Jar Test Analyses.

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4 L, 20 L

Dosing Rate

The dosing rate of coagulant is specific for each application. It is usually determined by a jar test.
Please contact Osorno for Jar Test Analyses.


Ferric (III) chloride forms floc in a pH range of 4 - 6.
Ferric (III) chloride is highly corrosive.


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