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Fungicide #2 - CuproCitrol™, 20 l

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CuproCitrol™ is an advanced formulation of the time-honoured copper-based additives, and effectively combats the growth of algae, fungi, bacteria, and viruses in water. CuproCitrol™ is less harmful for the environment than copper sulphate.
This product is sold in 4 l and 20 l containers. If you are interested in purchasing this product in 20 l containers or require the product’s MSDS, please contact us via email or by phone (204) 488-1538.

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20 l

Dosing Rate

- As an algaecide, 1 l of CuproCitrol™ will treat 1,000 l of pond water. 10 l will be sufficient for 100 m3 of pond water.
- As a fungicide, 1 l of CuproCitrol™ has to be diluted in 5 l of water when preparing a spray solution.


- CuproCitrol™ is a more efficient algaecide than copper sulphate.
- According to product studies, a lower concentration of CuproCitrol™ (less than 1 l/m3) in pond water will interrupt or slow down the growth of algae and cyanobacteria.


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