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Oxygen Scavenger for Boiler Water, 4 L


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Osorno Oxygen Scavenger for Boiler Water is for water boilers (not propylene-glycol).

You can use this product for steel and aluminum boilers.

We sell this product in 4 L and 20 L containers. If you wish to purchase this product in a 20 L container or require our product's MSDS, please contact us.

Additional information


4 L regular jug, 4 L jug w/ aluminum protection

Dosing Rate

20 mL per 10 L of boiler water.
- 4 L of the product is sufficient for 2,000 L of boiler water.
- 20 L of the product is sufficient for 10,000 L of boiler water.


- After adding Osorno Boiler Oxygen Scavenger, the boiler water ORP (oxidation reduction potential) should drop below 0 mV. You should keep the ORP of boiler water between 0 - 200 mV.
- We recommend checking the ORP of boiler water two days after adding the product.
We also recommend checking the ORP periodically. If the ORP is slowly increasing in the closed circulation system, check the system's hermeticity. If the circulation system is open, the product must be added on a regular basis.
- Osorno Boiler Oxygen Scavenger will maintain boiler water pH between 8.8 – 9.5.


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