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DeliBlend (Phosphoric Acid Solution), 20 l

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Phosphoric acid is a weak non-organic acid (in comparison with sulphuric and hydrochloric acids) with the chemical formula H₃PO₄. Phosphoric acid has very wide variety of applications. It can be used as food and beverage additive for taste improvement and preservative, pH corrector in animal husbandry and as pipes passivation agent in waterworks.

Osorno produces pH correction agent called DeliBlend in which basic component is 42% phosphoric acid with addition of proprietary mix of low concentration organic acids.

DeliBlend is recommended as economical and efficient pH corrector for animal husbandry (pig barns, broiler and turkey barns and egg layers).

Please contact Osorno if more product information or MSDS of DeliBlend is required.



Additional information


20 l

Dosing Rate

Dosing rate of DeliBlend depends on the application and water composition.
The dosing rate must be selected on the individual basis.
Please contact Osorno to verify dosing rate of the product.


- DeliBlend can be used as pH corrector.
- DeliBlend can be used as taste corrector.
- If pH range is selected properly, one can expect improvement of live stock health.


- When product is used for lowering of pH, it is important to remember that pH below 6 is always causing corrosion of plumbing fixtures made of different metal alloys.
- When metal alloys are corroding, they may release metal compounds that can be toxic for live organisms.
- Often problems with the live stock behavior and health are blamed on water or food composition. But some times, these problems are in fact caused by composition of pH corrector and simply by the pH of the water in distribution.
Osorno can help to resolve problems that are difficult to explain or impossible to identify.


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