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Sodium Hydroxide 20%, 20 L

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Sodium Hydroxide 20% (also called caustic soda) is a very efficient pH corrector.

Osorno keeps the concentration of sodium hydroxide at 20% because it allows for easy pH adjustments for water with low buffer capacity or alkalinity.

Our Sodium Hydroxide is ANSI 60 certified.

Please contact Osorno if you need advice for sodium hydroxide applications.

Download our pH Correction brochure

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20 L, 208 L

Dosing Rate

The dosing rate of sodium hydroxide depends on its application:
- For iron removal, the target pH range is 7.3 - 7.6.
- For manganese removal, the target pH range is 7.9 - 8.3.
- For metal pipe passivation with orto-phosphates, the pH needs to be above 8.
- For decreasing corrosion rate in metal pipes, the pH needs to be above 7.9.
- For increasing pH after flocculation/coagulation, the dosing rate of sodium hydroxide is based on the target pH.
- If the water has a very low buffer capacity or has been demineralized by reverse osmosis, soda ash will be more suitable for remineralization.
Please contact Osorno to verify dosing rate and consumption of pH correction agent.


- Precipitate various metals (including lead and copper) from solutions.
- Precipitation of calcium carbonate.
- Sodium hydroxide added to water and heated is used as an industrial cleaning agent.


Sodium hydroxide can severely damage the skin and eyes and lungs if inhaled.
Handle with care. Use protective equipment at all times.


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