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Sodium Bisulfite, 1 L



Sodium bisulfite (also known as bisulfite bleach or sodium hydrogen sulfite) is a reducing disinfectant.

It can function as a disinfectant where oxidizing disinfectants are not an option. It will neutralize residual chlorine in chlorinated water and can also destroy hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and other oxidants/disinfectants. Sodium bisulfite can also prevent oxidative corrosion in pipelines, cooling towers, or boilers, where it will destroy oxygen and other chemical oxidants.

We sell a 32% sodium bisulfite solution in 1 L and 20 L containers.

If you wish to purchase our products in a 20 L container or require our product’s MSDS, please contact us.

Additional information


1 L, 20 L

Dosing Rate

The dosing rate of sodium bisulfite depends on its application and must be calculated. Potential applications include:
- disinfection during reverse osmosis;
- destroying various disinfectants (usually chlorine or hydrogen peroxide) in water;
- preventing oxidative corrosion in water circulating systems.
Please contact Osorno for calculation of required dosage and recommendations.


- It is colourless with the distinct smell of sulfur dioxide (burnt matches).
- It can lower the pH and ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of water.
- It can stabilize wine after the fermentation process is finished.


- Will bleach clothing.
- May produce fumes that in excess concentrations will be corrosive.


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