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VacciTect™ Forte, 20 L

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Osorno specially formulated VacciTect™ Forte for neutralizing chlorinated water at fish farms and for growing medical marijuana.

It can also neutralize hydrogen peroxide in water in concentrations below 5 mg/L.  For higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide however, we recommend using stabilized sulfur dioxide.

We sell VacciTect™ Forte in 20 L containers.

If you wish to purchase this product in a 20 L container or require our product's MSDS, please contact us.

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20 L

Dosing Rate

The dosing rate of VacciTect™ Forte depends on the disinfectant that needs to be neutralized and its concentration.
Please contact Osorno for more information.


VacciTect™ Forte is recommended for neutralizing:
- residual chlorine in potable water (below 3 mg/L);
- low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in water (less than 5 mg/L);
- small volumes (less than 1 L) of highly concentrated chlorine dioxide (0.02% - 2%);

For neutralizing larger volumes (10 - 100 L) of chlorine dioxide (from 0.1% - 0.3%), it is better to use sodium thiosulfate powder (which can also be purchased from the Osorno Store).


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