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VacciTect™ (Sodium Thiosulfate)


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VacciTect™ (a solution of sodium thiosulfate) is an anti-oxidant which eliminates disinfectants in drinking water (chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide) and prevents them from interfering with medications, vaccines, or vitamins.  It is safe for use with animals.

We sell VacciTect™ as a 30% sodium thisulfate solution or VacciTect™ Forte as a 40% sodium thisulfate solution.

If you wish to purchase our products in a 20 L container or require our product’s MSDS, please contact us.


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1 L

Dosing Rate

The dosing rate of VacciTect™ depends on its application and the type of disinfectant that needs to be destroyed, whether it is chlorine, chlorine dioxide, H2O2, or KMPS.

Please contact Osorno to calculate the required dosage and for our recommendations about adding VacciTect™ into your water supply.


- VacciTect™ is safe for drinking water (to preserve medications, vaccines, and vitamins) and for aquaculture (to eliminate chlorine from fish tank water).
- Sodium thiosulfate is used in medicine for poison treatment and for treating certain side effects of hemodialysis and chemotherapy.


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