Potassium monopersulfate (KMPS) is a very strong oxidant. Its oxidation potential exceeds oxidation potential of hydrogen peroxide and ozone. It is an odourless, white power which dissolves easily in water, sanitizing and improving water clarity without the carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THM). Osorno KMPS is ANSI 60 certified for drinking water applications. Information about applications and dosing rate is shown in the KMPS User Manual .
KMPS powder is sold in 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg containers. If you are interested in purchasing these products in 20 kg containers or require the product’s MSDS, please contact us via email or by phone (204) 488-1538.

Additional information

Available packaging size

1 kg jar, 5 kg pail

Dosing Rate

- As oxidant for drinking water maximum allowed concentration of KMPS is 25 mg/l.
- For swimming pools, a recommended concentration of KMPS for shock oxidation is around 18 g per 1 m3.
- For oxidation and disinfection of spas and lagoons, recommended KMPS concentration is maximum 30 mg/l.


- KMPS has a wide range of applications from shock oxidation/disinfection of waste water lagoons prior to discharge, to shock oxidation of swimming pools, and rapid sanitation of water reservoirs (dugouts) for small communities.
- KMPS can be used together with sodium or calcium hypochlorite.
- KMPS does not bleach surfaces.


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